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5 Things You Didn't Know About Willa

What better way to celebrate the re-launch of our blog than to recap 5 amazing things about Willa you might have overlooked? Without further ado…

1. We save you TIME as well as $$$

Think about all the collabs and creations you can take on now that you don’t have to devote time to chasing down brands for payment, following up after their missed deadlines, or keeping track of your invoices for your tax return. That’s right, Willa does all that for you so you can focus on what really matters: making bank and vibing creatively. 

2. Our team is always looking for new ways to deliver on the Willa Promise

Our promise to creators is to make their lives better and easier by getting them paid Superfast. But superfast doesn’t have to stop with invoice payments: with bonus programs like our $1000 for $1000 program last fall, you can reach your earning goals faster. And with opportunities like flying Willa Air to creator events around the country, being a Willa insider comes with way more perks than you might have thought.

3. We offer exclusive tips and tricks from industry insiders on our blog

Right here on our blog, we offer tons of tips and tricks for creators to improve their business management and ultimately earn more money. The Creator Mode blog is your one stop shop to learn all about best practices for managing your partnerships, how to grow organically on Instagram and TikTok, and more. We even feature other creators who share how they got their starts, what they include in their media kits, and how much they charge for brand collabs.

4. You can get paid to refer your friends

Spread the word about Willa to your friends and colleagues, and earn a $100 referral bonus! It is deposited to your Willa account when your friend has sent their first approved payment request. Get your referral link in the app and share with creators, social media influencers, or freelancers in the U.S. that work with brands and agencies to do collaborations or content. Post in your stories, DM people, or share directly with qualified applicants! There’s no minimum amount, but they have to send a real payment request to an actual company they’re working with. 

5. We have an amazing FAQ page... for your clients

One of the things we hear most often at Willa is that creators absolutely love us and want to sell their slightly confused clients on using us too! If your clients have questions about what Willa is or how it works, we have an amazing page you can send them to that was designed specifically to answer the questions that come up most often from the client’s perspective. Send them on over there and sell your clients on the benefits and magic of using Willa for Superfast money for you and a great payment experience for them!