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How To Authenticate Your Willa Account Through Social Media

Welcome to Willa; we love a new face here!

Are you ready to simplify your professional (and financial) life? We’re talking no more chasing payments from clients, no more drafting invoices, or filling out tedious paperwork just to get paid—overall, just way less stress, and way more time to create! Sounds pretty good, right? Right.

To get you started, we need to approve your Willa account, which we do by checking that your Instagram—you can also use TikTok or YouTube—is yours. Verifying this allows us to approve you faster because we see that you are, in fact, a creator who works with legitimate brands—and that you’re you, not an impersonator. When it comes to finances, we have to take certain precautions; you get it. Besides getting your account approved quicker, this helps our team offer you features like “Early Cash Out,” which lets you get some, or all, of your money before your client pays us—like an advance!

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: we do not get access to your social media login information, whether you use Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube for the verification process. In fact, we don’t want it! We are an Instagram-approved third-party service, meaning it is safe and secure to link your Instagram to your Willa account.

Still not sold? You can always DM us from your main social account (not your backup!) and manually provide us with your pending Willa account details.