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How To Tell Your Client You're Using Willa

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to make your professional (and financial) life easier by using Willa. There’s just something about not wasting your precious time drafting invoices, filling out forms, and repeatedly emailing brands about paying you for the incredible work you’ve done…right?! That was rhetorical because we know you deserve better than doing admin and following up for what can feel like an eternity…

Now that you’ve taken the first step by signing up, you’re probably wondering how to tell those very brands you often find yourself chasing that you are using a new system for invoicing. FYI, we call them “payment requests.” We totally understand that it can feel intimidating to throw something new into the mix when so many people, especially in financial departments, tend to lean towards what they know and the “tried and true.”

Here are a few common questions and concerns clients tend to have and our responses to them:

  1. Do my clients, or myself, get charged for using Willa to send an invoice?
    The answer is no, neither party gets charged for sending a payment request, or making a payment via wire, check, ACH, or EFT—there is only a fee on the client’s side if they choose to pay with a credit card.
  2. We already have systems in place, and we do not want a new one.
    No worries! They don’t need a new system or to download the app. They can pay via card, PayPal, wire, check, ACH, or EFT—they pay us, on your behalf.
  3. How will we know the invoice is from you?

Willa will send a clear and concise invoice on your behalf, like this one:

  1. We don’t want to be dealing with more people for one invoice.

No problem, because you (the creator) do not have to worry about follow up emails to chase your payments—our dedicated team will handle all that communication for you.

Here is an email template that you can use to send over to your clients and the brands you’re collaborating with:

Hi (client/point of contact’s name),

I am writing to let you know that I use Willa, a financial services app for creators, for my invoicing. Willa creates my invoice, sends it to you, handles the follow-up interactions regarding collections, collects the payment on my behalf, and sends it to my account. There is no fee for myself or you for Willa’s services.

Once I complete our collaboration, you will receive an email from Willa with my invoice, W-9 form, and any necessary vendor forms, along with several options for payment (ACH is a great option). On your end, there isn’t much difference between myself or Willa creating the invoice—aside from their clear and organized template. And the same goes for paying through Willa, or directly to my bank account.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

And there you have it, a simple way to let your client know you’re using Willa. Keep working smarter, not harder.