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Willa 2.0—the Willa of the Future

Unpredictable income is a massive problem for creators and freelancers, which is why we launched Willa two years ago. We were convinced things could be better, so we set out to create a service that helps creators get paid Superfast for their brand collaborations.

And today, we’re introducing Willa 2.0, the latest and greatest iteration of your favorite financial app, to further address this problem and give creators and freelancers control over their financial lives. And we couldn’t be more excited to tell you all about it!

In case you’re new to Willa—first off, welcome, we’re so happy to have you!—let’s get acquainted. Willa is a financial services app for creators that takes the hassle (and sometimes drama) out of getting paid. We help you get paid for your work, arguably the hardest part of being a creator, so that you can spend more time, you know, creating! We also take care of tedious admin, paperwork and collections, which let’s be honest, getting away from boring, annoying, stuff like that was likely a factor in deciding to become a creator in the first place… Now, to start, let’s go over what hasn’t changed:

What's the Same?

Still Superfast

Willa is still Superfast, and sending payment requests to your clients is as easy and seamless as it ever was. With the tap of a button, your client gets a professional invoice in seconds, and Willa takes it from there.

Your personal finance team

We’ll handle all the paperwork, take care of vendor forms, W9’s and we even have a dedicated collections team ready to make sure your client pays on time. That’s right, we have real people working tirelessly to collect your money - at no cost to you. That’s why Willa is like having your own finance department.

Your clients will love Willa too

Willa was built for the future of work, and that means building for creators and for their clients alike. Because not only is Willa the easiest way for creators to get paid - it’s also the easiest way for agencies and brands to pay creators. They can use their normal payment terms and methods, and Willa helps take care of all the rest, making the client experience just as seamless as it is for creators.

What's New?

Use Willa for ALL your clients

You can now use Willa for every client. No need to choose which clients you run through Willa, and no need to use other services for some of your clients. Send payment requests for photoshoots, Instagram posts, TikTok videos and other brand collaborations through Willa - for every single client, because you no longer have to stress about whether your request will be approved.

Send ALL your payment requests through Willa, for free

There are no fees for any payment requests, no matter the client. We’ll send a professional invoice their way, and as soon as they pay, the cash will hit your Willa account. No fees for the payment request, or for transferring the payment to your bank account.

Get paid upfront with Willa Cash Out for qualifying payment requests

With Willa 2.0, you’re in control of your cash flow. Get your money when, and how you want it. Eager to get paid upfront? Use the Cash Out feature for a payment advance on your request. Choose $50, $100, or $1,347.86—whatever number your heart desires—for an upfront payment, for a small fee. Whether you want it right away, or to help fund a last-minute flight to Europe, you can always come back and hit the cash out fund while you wait for the full amount.

Got paid and want to use your money right away? Or do you like seeing your money hit the bank ASAP? Use express withdrawals to bypass the standard 1-3 day bank transfer timeline.

To Sum It Up - Why Willa?

Willa is your own personal finance team, which means you can focus on doing the things you love, while we take care of the rest:

Streamline getting paid. No more admin, all your docs are in one place, and you never have to write another annoying invoice. Plus, ALL the details from your collabs are in one place, which means more organization and less headaches around tracking financials, filing taxes, or showing proof of income.

Save time. No more check-ins and endless “hey, just following up” emails to clients—we invoice them, we follow up, and if things turn sour (aka things get to the point of collections), we’ll handle that on your behalf. And remember, we have real, dedicated humans working on these things for you. It’s not just a sequence of automated emails, but actual people making calls to ensure that you get paid on time.

Control your cash flow. Your money, your way, always. With cash out, you control your finances. Get any amount advanced on your payment request, if you want, or need it. And thanks to express withdrawals you can see it hit the bank before the standard 1-3 business days.

Welcome to Willa 2.0