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Willa + Intuit = Smoother, Faster Finances for Creators

We have some news. Willa has joined the big guys and is now part of Intuit! It may be a small step for mankind, but it’s a giant (and exciting) leap for Willa.

First, you may wonder WTF Intuit is, and why you should care about its products. Fair. Intuit Inc. is a major business software company that specializes in financial software. Its range of products includes Quickbooks (for accounting), TurboTax (for taxes), Credit Karma (credit score monitoring), and Mint (for financial planning/budgeting). And now Willa is part of the crew.

What does Willa's integration with Intuit mean for you?

You can now connect your Willa Debit Card to any of their financial services to import, categorize, and file business expenses. We’re even listed in their banking directory!

This means your budgeting, accounting, and tax filing become that much easier.

You can continue to keep all your business cash flow in the Willa ecosystem, and by using the Willa Debit Card for all your business spending, tax write-offs will be a breeze to spot and import into Turbo Tax. Plus, by using the Willa Debit Card to run your freelance business—from paying for working lunches to ordering new gear to up-level your content—you get one step closer to that free Willa-certified CPA come April.

More efficiency means more time-saving for you—and that’s one of our main drivers over here at Willa!