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Willa & Intuit Integration = Smoother Finances for Creators

Great news! Willa now integrates with Intuit, to make managing your finances smoother and easier than ever.

What does Willa's integration with Intuit mean for you?

If you use any Intuit product, you can now connect your Willa Debit Card to import, categorize, and file business expenses. We’re even listed in their banking directory!

This means budgeting, accounting, and tax filing becomes so much easier for all Intuit users.

You can continue to keep all your business cash flow in the Willa ecosystem, and by using the Willa Debit Card for all your business spending, tax write-offs will be a breeze to spot and import into Turbo Tax. Plus, by using the Willa Debit Card to run your freelance business—from paying for working lunches to ordering new gear to up-level your content—tax season will be so much easier.

More efficiency means more time-saving for you—and that's what we at Willa work to give you every day.