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Finding the Right Content Scheduler for Your Business

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of social media scheduling platforms out there. Trying to find one that fits your needs as a creator can be difficult, especially as many often lack the features that may be most beneficial to you. Not to mention, being online when you publish is key to being able to engage with your community, so most creators do without. But a scheduler could actually save you quite a bit of time, giving you more time to engage with your audience!

Why should you schedule out your content?

Consistency reigns supreme on social media platforms and scheduling out your content is an excellent way to ensure you remain consistent. Plus, since most creators are often running a one-person show, scheduling offers the opportunity for you to be able to step away from your business and have a break when you need it. Seriously, we know you need it.

In addition to maintaining a consistent posting cadence, scheduling lets you batch similar tasks at once, which helps in your overall workflow process. Letting you get in the content creation and copywriting flow ensures that your time is well spent rather than frazzled skipping from one unrelated task to the next.

Platform Native Schedulers

TikTok, YouTube, WordPress, Facebook/Instagram, & Pinterest all offer their own native scheduling tools. If you predominantly use one or two platforms, save money by scheduling via the platforms themselves.

In addition, using Facebook business manager for auto-posting will give you access to greater features for the platform than most services. Such as auto-posting of carousels, Instagram Stories, and IGTV.

If you want to be basically everywhere

If you want to maximize the distribution of your content and post to virtually every platform imaginable, the following tools are for you. These tools allow you to edit the content being posted across platforms and ensure maximum reach on each campaign.

Hootsuite (all the basics)

If you’re looking for a social media scheduler that will help you be active across all the heavy hitters, Hootsuite is the scheduler for you. Their platform offers scheduling to YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Loomly (includes Snapchat + TikTok!)

Designed with solopreneurs in mind, Loomly features all of the platforms you know and love plus offers integrations with Snapchat & TikTok. If short-form content has become a pillar in your social media strategy, Loomly may be the platform for you. Loomly also automatically generates post ideas for you when you set a date to schedule your post.

Eclincher (TikTok + Google Drive Integration)

Eclincher offers all major platforms, plus TikTok and integration with Google Drive. Easily pull content in from Google Drive (learn more about how this can benefit you when it comes to repurposing content here). You can also connect your blog & republish evergreen content with post recycling through their smartqueue feature.

For a more automated social media strategy

If you’re wanting to expand your social media presence but struggling to create content fast enough, these services are for you. From helping you curate content to making social media posts from your blog posts, these tools make creating and scheduling social content a breeze.

Meet Edgar

Built on the idea of evergreen content, Meet Edgar automatically shares specific content on the day you have selected. For example, you can tell Edgar to schedule your podcast promotion for every Wednesday. In addition, you can add variations to the post when scheduling so that there is variation even in your reposted content.


Linked to your website and YouTube channel, Missinglettr auto generates social media posts that can be scheduled to post directly from their platform. In addition, their platform allows you to curate content from around the web so that you can constantly share fresh content.

If you are most active on Instagram & Pinterest

If you are primarily active on Instagram and Pinterest, these tools focus all of their energy on these platforms. Since they are catered in particular to these platforms, they offer highly valuable extras like a link in bio feature and auto-generate new Pinterest pins from a single image.


Designed with Instagram shopping in mind, Planoly allows you to schedule both to Pinterest and Instagram. One of their best features is the ability to schedule shoppable content with their sellit tool. This platform has also expanded recently to allow auto-posting to Facebook and Twitter as well.


Designed around Pinterest, Tailwind allows you to auto-generate social media posts by creating a branding library and uploading an image for it to auto-generate posts for you. This is great for Pinterest with their recent emphasis on “fresh pins”.