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4 Characteristics of The New Creator Class

You've probably seen a LOT of headlines about the future of the creator economy, but if you look closely, those trend predictions tend to focus on A. how things are already trending and B. with brands and partnerships at the center of growth.

This report feels fresh to us because:

  • They're taking on (and taking down) the platforms
  • They're taking their notes directly from creators
  • They're all about owning your audience
  • They care about the financial and mental health of creators
  • They suggest solutions you can start using TODAY

We really just want you to read the whole thing, below, but just in case, here are a few of our TLDR takeaways:

The 3 Challenges Creators Today Are Facing:

  1. They're hitting a glass ceiling
  1. They're tapped out of time and energy
  1. The financial gains they have made feel precarious

The 4 Characteristics of The New Creator Class:

  1. They own, they don’t rent.
  1. They go niche, not broad.
  1. They cultivate communities, not audiences.
  1. They build network effects, not content conveyor belts.

The 3 Possible Pathways Forward:

  • Scenario #1: Combos and Partnerships Continue to Dominate
  • Scenario #2: Fully Integrated Tools Pick Up Momentum
  • Scenario #3: Giant Social Platforms Swallow Everything