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Creator Spotlight: Natalie Langhorne

Natalie is a 23-year old content creator based in New Jersey who has been making content on both TikTok and Instagram since November of 2020. Since then she has grown her platforms to over 50K TikTok followers and over 6K Instagram followers. She received her first paid partnership in 2020 and creates content in the fashion, body positivity, and lifestyle space.


When it comes to landing brand partnerships, her pitches include the following:

  • A short introduction to herself and her brand
  • Analytics such as engagement, follower count, and monthly account visits
  • An idea of the content she would like to make for the brand

One tip she has for creators is to offer bundle deals, which she always tries to offer when negotiating with brands. Bundle deals help a brand save on deliverables, while also helping her score a higher rate for the partnership.

Setting Rates

When setting her rate for partnerships, she considers the size of the brand as one of the largest factors. When it comes to larger brands with a bigger budget, she generally shares the higher end of her rates, while smaller businesses tend to receive a lower rate. This is also in line with one of our tips from a previous AMA, on pricing the client, not the project. Other things she considers are the timeline, such as if there is a quick turnaround, as well as the season (Back to school, holiday, etc.).

Natalie shares her rates below for sponsored content on both her Instagram and TikTok!

Instagram Rates

Carousel: $200

Story: $50 per slide

Reel: $300

Whitelisting: $150/month

TikTok Rates

15 sec video: $400

30-60 sec video: $600

Content for brand(no post): around $300, approximately

Media Kit

When pitching brands, Natalie said it is rare that she actually sends out her media kit, but she does keep one ready just in case. It includes her audience stats on both TikTok and Instagram, as well as a look at some of her previous brand partnerships.