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5 Things We Loved This Week


Do you make as much from your content as this duck? Equal parts heartwarming and envy-inducing, Dunkin Duck's hustle (& his mom's) is top-of-the-list inspiring to me this week.

Viral TikTok superstar Dunkin Ducks earns $4,500 a month



The next major trend in influencer marketing just might be....a gas station? Β Proving that A. anyone can take advantage of influencer marketing and B. literally anyone can find new brand life on TikTok, 7-11 is coming for your feed.

'Increase our relevance with Gen Z': Why 7-Eleven is amplifying fan-generated content on its social channels - Digiday



The marketing team for HBO's Gossip Girl reboot isn't "advertising a TV show"β€”they're expanding the universe of the show into your digital life and blurring the lines between fiction and reality. This is truly next-level, and tbh, slightly alarming πŸ‘€

The most interesting part of the 'Gossip Girl' reboot is its social media campaign




To watchβ€”>



Well, this is one way to **get the attention of major brands!** I'm always here for a story about creative work getting noticed, so all I can say to Emily is if you're not monetizing yet, maybe you want to check out some of our Willa community resources πŸ˜‰