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5 Things We Loved This Week


Do you make as much from your content as this duck? Equal parts heartwarming and envy-inducing, Dunkin Duck's hustle (& his mom's) is top-of-the-list inspiring to me this week.

Viral TikTok superstar Dunkin Ducks earns $4,500 a month


The next major trend in influencer marketing just might be....a gas station?  Proving that A. anyone can take advantage of influencer marketing and B. literally anyone can find new brand life on TikTok, 7-11 is coming for your feed.

'Increase our relevance with Gen Z': Why 7-Eleven is amplifying fan-generated content on its social channels - Digiday


The marketing team for HBO's Gossip Girl reboot isn't "advertising a TV show"—they're expanding the universe of the show into your digital life and blurring the lines between fiction and reality. This is truly next-level, and tbh, slightly alarming 👀

The most interesting part of the 'Gossip Girl' reboot is its social media campaign



To watch—>


Well, this is one way to **get the attention of major brands!** I'm always here for a story about creative work getting noticed, so all I can say to Emily is if you're not monetizing yet, maybe you want to check out some of our Willa community resources 😉