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5 Things We Loved This Week

1. The Growth Of Influencers Has Impacted The Photography Industry In A Major Way

This look at the relationship between the rise of creators on "not a photo sharing app" Instagram and photography as art and career is worth a read for sure. And remember to give some thanks to a photographer who has helped you along the way, cause we know there is one!

2. For Missguided, influencers are taking the place of ad agencies

It's stating the obvious, but there's finally a brand case study of creator partnerships replacing traditional ad placement and taking a look at this can help inform you on how to be a part of this change.

3. How 10 Popular Influencers Got Their Start | Net Influencer

As a community that exists to help creators grow, we're especially interested in this look at how ten top creators got their start. From the names you know to the ones you're excited to watch, take notes on this one!

4. How to develop your content strategy

How to create a content strategy is different from how to create content itself, which is something you likely have down pat. Consider these points as a part of your content planning and batching for even more effective results.

5. Let's Talk About Instagram Engagement

Let's talk about Instagram engagement: this is the topic that it seems our community values, measures, and watches the most, and for good reason! It's an indicator of growth and ongoing success and a visible metric to persuade brands to partner with you, and to pay you more. So when it doesn't go according to plan it's doubly stressful. Check out the latest on what's been going down and try to rest a little easier that it's definitely not you, it's them.