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9 Ways to Collab with Other Creators

1. Run a challenge

Looking for a way to collaborate with other creators in your niche while providing your audience tons of extra value? Try creating a challenge for your community. Whether its a 7-day workout challenge or 30 days of self-love like community member Hana of @thishanabee shared with her community, this is a great way to help your audience!

2. Create a giveaway

Giveaways are a popular way to collaborate with other creators. This is particularly helpful if you have a service or product-based business. Collaborate with a complementary creator to do a giveaway featuring your products and services! Of course, we don't recommend partaking in spammy options, such as loop giveaways, that are just intended to gain followers. Focus on how a partnered giveaway can give your audience additional value!

3. Work together to create content

The new collab feature on Instagram makes partnering together to create content even easier! Not to mention, you'll get to share engagement and reach on the post you create together.

4. Be "co-workers"

Struggling to work from home? Looking for a coffee shop pal to share creative ideas with? Try out co-working with local creatives in your area. Not sure where to find them? Try searching through local hashtags like #nycblogger to look for similar creators! Not to mention, it can be great to have someone to create content with!

5. Host a live together

Similar to a challenge, hosting a live with another creator is a great way to provide added value to your audience. Perhaps your platform focuses on yoga and you can co-host a live with a mindfulness expert. Lives offer a great opportunity to help your community learn and get answers to their questions right away!

6. Guest Post on each other's blogs

Guest posting is a great way to build domain authority, expand your audience, and make consistent posting to your blog a little bit easier! If you're interested in collaborating with a particular blogger, reach out to them about whether they have guest posting opportunities or if they would be interested in working together on a blog post!

7. Share a vlog with each other

Vlogs are a great way to help your audience get to know you, so why not do it with a friend? As a bonus, you can even share an introduction to the vlog using the collabs feature on Instagram to make sure your audiences know the vlog is live!

8. Do a podcast episode together

Similar to an IG live, consider working with another creator for an upcoming podcast episode! Interview formats tend to do well and are a great way to provide educational content for your audience. Not sure who to invite to your podcast? Ask your audience using the question sticker on Instagram!

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9. Share each other on stories- were you #influenced?

Were you #influenced by another creator to buy a product, try a new restaurant, or check out a local coffee shop? Try sharing the content that influenced you to go out and try what they were sharing! This can be planned in advance to share mutually or can be a method to reach out to a creator you may want to partner with in the future.

Collaborating with other creators is a great way to grow together professionally and become more involved with your community. Not to mention, being a creator can often be a lonely profession if you don't partner with others since most often it is a one-person show.

Be sure that if you do reach out to another creator, it is someone you are following and engaging with! There's nothing more awkward than someone in your DM's who "loves your content" but isn't following or engaging with your content. Being authentic in your outreach to other creators is key to successful long-term partnerships. Consider how you would respond to a similar message when crafting your own!