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Reels vs. TikTok: Which One Should I Post On?

There’s no doubt about it: video content is what the algorithms are hungry for right now. On Instagram, Reels have become a surefire way for creators to grow their following, and TikTok just surpassed one billion users. While YouTube and Snapchat have launched their own versions of short-form video apps, Reels and TikTok have emerged as the key players in online video content.

But how do you know which one to post to? Should you be making everything twice? Putting one type of video on TikTok and another on Reels? While the two platforms are similar, results can vary. Here are four handy ways to decide which platform is right for you and your content:

I want to...get started as a creator

An experiment conducted by Hootsuite found that if you’re starting from scratch—like, zero followers—TikTok is much more effective at getting your video in front of eyeballs.

“If a brand has little to no following, I think it’s way harder for their Reel to go viral,” Brayden Cohen, Social Marketing and Advocacy Lead says. “Whereas with TikTok, I don’t think your brand necessarily needs to have a big following in order for your TikTok to blow up and go viral.”

I want to...reach new people

If you already have a following on Instagram, then Reels is the best tool for reaching a new audience. Influencer Marketing Factory found a 144% view rate on number of followers for Instagram Reels versus just 24% for TikTok and Reels, overall, had a higher reach

I want to...increase my engagement

Views aren’t everything. It’s just as important to have a thriving community—especially when pitching yourself to brands. If you’re looking to increase your engagement, then Influencer Marketing Factory found that TikTok had over twice the average number of likes and comments than Reels.

I want to...make the most out of one post

With so many platforms to juggle, efficiency is key. You can’t repurpose a TikTok without a watermark, but Reels at least lets creators post their video on two different feeds: Reels, and your grid. Not only is your video appearing to new audiences, but it’s also being presented directly to your followers—even if they’re not in the Reels section of the app.