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2021 Consumer Trends For The Holiday Season

When it comes to creating content, we recommend staying on top of Pinterest and Google Trends to ensure your content is maximized for organic search. Not to mention, optimization for search will help increase the discoverability of your content!

1. Salesforce predicts that social referrals to e-commerce websites will grow 30% for the holiday season

Since brands will be expecting increased traffic from creators, now is a great time to share analytics on how you can effectively drive traffic and generate sale. Salesforce also predicts that 20% of digital ad spend will be on influencer content in November & December.

2. Expect store pickup to continue to be valuable

Last year, given shipping delays, store pickup and curbside pickup options were incredibly valuable to consumers. Given the expected delays this year due to supply chain shortages, salesforce expects that these options will be especially important when it comes to last-minute shopping. If you are planning to work on campaigns closer to a particular holiday, be sure to share store pickup or curbside options with your audience as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be sure to share store pickup options when available
  • Consider adding content specifically targeted at those looking for pick-up options

3. 71% would prefer experience-based gifts

The pandemic forced many of us to avoid in-person experiences and with more relaxed precautions many are seeking experiences over physical products. To take advantage of this trend, share products intended to compliment experiences or share your favorite holiday travel locations as well as local favorites or experiences.


  • Share your favorite holiday travel destinations
  • Create a guide on local holiday experiences and events

4. 8-in-10 shoppers intend on shopping at least as much, if not more, than 2020

Retailers are expecting that holiday shopping this season should outpace 2020. To take advantage of increased shopping, be sure to share your affiliate links across social media platforms. Another great option is putting together a holiday gift guide to help your audience shop for their loved ones this season! Check out our tips on writing your holiday gift guides here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don't forget to share affiliate links
  • Optimize for affiliate sales with a gift guide

5. Consumers will require increased reassurance before buying

Since more shopping is taking place online, consumers are spending more time considering their purchases. While many stores offer free returns, dropping something off at the post office (and doing it on time!) is still a hassle. Selling will take more time, so consider focusing on multi-post partnerships for optimal results. Similarly, don't expect one-off posts to drive a lot of revenue this holiday season. In addition, you can consider adding complementary content for gift guides such as videos showcasing the products in use or long-form content providing more detailed information.

Key Takeaways:

  • focus on multi-post partnerships to generate results
  • don't expect results from one-off posts about affiliate products
  • Make sure gift guides are complemented by video content discussing the products OR long-form content like a blog post that provides more detailed information