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We Studied Over 100 Viral TikToks So You Don't Have To

I"m Kelly Stone, content creator and in-house Willa events planner. I recently came across a video on TikTok that noted something I couldn’t deny, most of the successful creators on the clock app have something in common: talking to the camera.

The benefits of talking to the camera are undeniable when it comes to building a community that really feels connected to you. While trends can help you build a following, chatting with your audience and talking to the camera are a key part of building a community that feels like they know and can trust you.

However, trends are a lot easier to master than a talking video. Or… are they? After studying over 100 viral videos of people talking about everything from social media growth to glow-ups, here are the things I found most often:

Casual content is the name of the game on tiktok

After studying 100 videos, I can tell you the vast majority of viral hits were lofi & casual. That doesn’t mean they weren’t planned, it just means they don’t look planned. From sitting in the car to adjusting the camera after pressing record, creators on tiktok seem to maximize relatability with off the cuff, casual content.

Stitching an already successful video

Stitching videos is likely a strategy you have heard of before, but it can be difficult in practice. Most of the creators using the stitch feature successfully were discussing the contents of the prior video. Another method for using the stitch feature is to stitch with videos specifically asking for advice, like the one below!

Controversy = comments & shares = viral content

Have a controversial opinion in your niche? It might be worth sharing. Controversial content on tiktok, like whether to wash your face once or twice a day, or whether splitting the bills 50/50 is really “fair” in a relationship, tend to perform well. This is likely due to the discussion that will inevitably take place in the comments section. This is also where strategies such as spelling something wrong come in, people love to let you know you’re wrong. So why not let them?

The hook you use definitely matters!

These are a few of the hooks used in the videos I reviewed over the last couple of weeks that could be effective when trying to create your own videos sharing tips and tricks for your niche. Be sure to share the results of testing these hooks out in the comments so we can celebrate your wins!

  • If you're seeing this, it's because TikTok knows you want to.
  • Alright, here’s a life hack
  • Does anybody else feel like…
  • Not enough people know about X hack
  • So the clock app has finally put you onto…
  • If you want to X, then Y
  • This is your sign to start XYZ
  • I don’t care what you’ve heard about XYZ
  • I just really appreciate how we’re all on the same page with XYZ
  • I don’t know if its just me but
  • I need people to realize something
  • These are the things I would do if I was starting NICHE from scratch
  • Does anyone else XYZ
  • Let’s discuss XYZ
  • Some BLANK are gonna be mad at me for this (sparking controversy right off the bat)
  • If you’re ready to BLANK, then BLANK
  • Unpopular opinion…

Do you think talking to the camera is key to building a community online? Comment below, and let's discuss!