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Are You Ready For A Manager?

What does an influencer manager do?

Influencer managers take care of the administrative tasks of a content creators business. They can handle emails, negotiations, contracts, and help you plan how to expand your business moving forward. If you find yourself overwhelmed with partnership requests and are struggling to respond to everyone, a manager may be beneficial to you. While a manager does not control your business, they can play a significant role in it by negotiating partnerships and maintaining most administrative tasks.

How do they get paid?

Influencer managers are often paid a percentage of your earnings, which vary by the agency you are working with. Most creators find that their earnings increase once they begin working with a management company as they are able to land more partnerships at better rates.

When do creators need managers?

A few signs that you may be ready for a manager:

  • You are inundated with partnership emails and you can’t respond to all of them
  • You are getting real partnership requests and the price points and legal jargon are increasing
  • You are making a stable, sizable income from partnerships

When it comes to getting management, many companies look for creators with over 100K followers, but audience size is not the primary factor. Florida based creator, Kim Manzo (@kimmymanzo) shared that she had just 20K followers when she began working with her manager. She wasn’t sure she was ready, but opted to take the leap and believes that once you’ve established yourself, it’s beneficial to work with a manager.

While size of your following may not matter, how many incoming requests you have does. Atlanta based creator, Melissa Tovar (@xomelissatovar), said she knew she was ready for management when she was consistently landing campaigns and feeling overwhelmed by inbound requests and contracts.

How do you find management?

Oftentimes, management companies will start reaching out to you. If you feel you are ready for management, but have not found one that feels like a good fit, try searching through hashtags on Instagram. Another option is to check out the bio of other creators on Instagram, they often will have “name @ management group” for their partnerships email.

Networking is another great way to connect with a potential manager, Los Angeles based creator Dallas Hart (@dallrulz), met his current management team at a Willa event, and previously has found management by reaching out to other creators to set up meetings with their management teams. Dallas suggests putting yourself out there to find a management team that you really connect with.

When looking for a manager, you want to make sure you take the time to interview potential managers and make sure that you will work well with them. Your manager is a key partner in your business, so you want someone you’ll enjoy working with! Be sure that you are clear on your goals with your business, and consider the following questions before reaching out to an agency:

  • How could working with a manager expand your business?
  • What are your goals for the future?
  • How will your partnership with your management team be mutually beneficial?

Do you work with a manager? Share your thoughts in the comments!