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Creator Spotlight: Ariana

We sat down with Ariana, who goes by Doctor Ari Says on Instagram and The Wellness Pharm on TikTok, to get to know her a little better, and hear all about her creator journey.

How did you get started on your creator journey?

So I got started during pharmacy schoolZ—I am currently a pharmacist. But when I was in school, I really wanted to write a blog on more natural alternatives for modern day ailments. And so I started my blog, But shortly after I changed my personal Instagram, to my blog name, and from there as video content got more and more popular, I slowly transitioned over to TikTok. So that's where I am now.

Can you tell us about your content? What is your brand's focus?

My content is basically focused on empowering people to feel their best, both physically and mentally, through natural ingredients and supplements, and providing mental health tips. I like to focus more on lifestyle and wellness for Instagram. But on TikTok, I am definitely all about supplements and different ways that we can live healthier lives.

What is your favorite part about being a creator?

I would have to say my favorite part is working with brands that I have been using all my life—I've been using all of their products, and now just being able to create content for them and work with them, is really amazing. And meeting the whole team behind a brand is really awesome too.

What is a struggle that you face as a creator?

I think the main struggle would have to be being able to balance being a creator with also being a pharmacist, because both are pretty demanding in terms of time. And I love to do both so much. And so I'm still trying to find that special sweet spot between balancing them both.

How do you come up with your content? What inspires you?

So I come up with my content just from taking supplements every day, and what I like to do for myself to stay healthy. I kind of take that and I put it into a video form, whether it's educational or lifestyle. Also, growing up and being raised by a mother who was very into natural Persian remedies provides me with a lot of content ideas. I like to take inspiration from her knowledge as well. And of course, things I've learned throughout my pharmacy career.

What is your dream collaboration?

Oh my gosh, there are so many! But I would have to say my dream collaboration would have to be with Moon Juice. I am a huge fan of their supplements, and I love their aesthetic. So definitely Moon juice.

What is your next step as a creator? Is there a specific goal that you'd like to reach?
My number one goal as a creator is to share as much knowledge and inspiration about living a healthy lifestyle and staying true to our bodies for as long as we can without using prescription medication, unless absolutely necessary. So I just want to spread good information, help people through my content, and eventually open my own wellness clinic, one day.

What is the tip you'd give to someone who wants to get into content creation?
I would say start now, it's honestly never too late to start! I started a TikTok account, I think back in May. So it's only been a couple months and it's grown very well. So once you start, just find whatever you're really passionate about—whatever you can literally get up and talk about at three in the morning, something that really comes naturally to you. And it will be so much easier to film, so much easier to make time for content, and the brands that you work with will be very on brand with who you are as well.