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Creator Spotlight: Kelly Uchima

How do you structure your day for success as a creator?

I feel weird saying this but I really structure my day based on how I'm feeling. And the coolest part about being a creator is that my audience connects with me, no matter what I'm doing, and they want to be a part of it. A big part of my job is showing up on stories and taking them throughout my day and sharing my routine (wake up time, breakfast, errands, workout, shooting and editing schedule). I think this kind of connection is very appealing to them, and myself honestly, because we get to live someone's else's life while we're still living our own. Just through a phone app, we get to live in a different city and have a completely different day - wild.

What’s one tip you would share with someone who has recently transitioned to being a full-time creator?

I would say.. be careful about chasing dollars over chasing a true connection with your audience. It's not your job to make people "like" you, but it's definitely a privileged responsibility to have an audience and make them feel like they get something from following you. It can be escapism, entertainment, education, or just friendly company while they watch your videos, read your captions, or tap through your stories. Be intentional and authentic. You can't go wrong with an honest combo like that.

How do you schedule time off for yourself?

I notice that some days, I don't want to show up on social media and I give myself grace. But I've learned that a big reason creators like myself get burnt out and really crave time off is because we feel like we're performing a lot. It's much more tiring to try entertaining, helping, or pleasing an audience.. versus just showing up and saying "hey, this is me. This is my day. This is what I'm eating. this is how i'm feeling." So, I take time off whenever I feel that deep need. But I also take a second to really ask myself -- do you need time off or do you need time off from performing?

Find Kelly on Instagram @kellyu 🤩