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Important Changes Ahead at Willa 🚀

Hello Willa community,

We've got some big news and we're here to ensure you're fully supported throughout this change. To serve your freelance needs even better, we're making a strategic pivot at Willa.

💡The pivotal point💡: Willa's payments and banking features will be discontinued, paving the way for an exciting new service designed to help you find clients and grow your business.

We know this comes as a surprise, but this decision has been made with you, our valued freelancers, in mind.

Why this shift? Our mission has always been to help you spend more time doing what you love, and finding new clients is a key part of that mission. We're now focusing on building a revolutionary service that will help you grow your business and expand your client base.

Over the next few days, keep an eye on your inbox 📧. We'll be sending all the essential details about this transition, including important dates and step-by-step guides customized just for you.

To support this transition, we recommend Found for your payment and banking needs. They're a reliable partner, equally committed to serving the freelancer community.

Through all this change, one thing remains the same: our commitment to your success. 💪 We'll be right there with you during this transition, ensuring it's as smooth as possible.

We're excited about this new direction and hope you are too. Stick with us, because the future of work at Willa is going to be amazing!

So, why this pivot?

Over the years, Willa has been a trusted companion for thousands of freelancers managing their payments. But we've discovered that finding fresh, exciting opportunities with new clients is what's truly important to you.

Interestingly, we've discovered that only half of you are using any outbound sales tactics at all. And we get it, stepping into the spotlight can be daunting. But it's essential for controlling your freelance journey.

We're excited to be channeling our energy and resources into building a powerful service to help you, our treasured community of freelancers, to connect with new clients and turbocharge your business. 🚀

And guess what? We've already rolled out a major new feature! 🎉 Head on over to now to check it out and take your freelancing career to the next level. Let's grow together, one connection at a time. 💫

Get to know our new features

We're offering you a special discount code, PREMIUM23, for 50% off our Starter subscription. This is an opportunity to unlock new doors in your freelancing journey (Premium users get FREE access to the Starter subscription, check email for details and a magic link).

We've been making great updates and enhancements to our service, and we're also preparing a new website to better reflect our direction.

For those curious about our journey, we've made our product roadmap public! Feel free to explore and get a sneak peek into where Willa is headed. 🛤️

We hope you're as thrilled about this journey as we are. 🚀

Our mission? As always, to empower the future of work, helping creators and freelancers spend more time doing what they truly love. And we can't wait to continue this journey with you! 🌠


Kristofer, Aron and Peter, founders of Willa, committed to your freelance success.