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3 Reasons Why Willa Launched The World's First Creator Airline

When our team decided to launch Willa Air, the world’s first airline exclusively for creators, the question most people asked was “Why?” (Okay, the first thing most people actually said was “Wow!” but “why” was a close second 😉) 

After all, Willa is a fintech platform dedicated to helping freelancers, influencers, and content creators get paid instantly with no hassle. What exactly does that have to do with starting an airline?

Here are our top three reasons why we’re taking things to the next level (literally) with Willa Air:

Because making creators’ lives better is just who we are

Our mission since Day 1 has been to make it possible for content creators and freelancers to live their best lives by getting paid instantly–no waiting for net 30/60/90 or brands who don’t pay. A luxury flight to the creator event of the year complete with black car transfers, champagne breakfasts, and spa-level recovery perks sounds a lot like “your best life” to us, so why wouldn’t we provide that, too?

Because at Willa, Superfast isn’t just for your money

We know that for creators, your time is just as valuable as your money. Willa Air will offer content creators and influencers a fast, efficient and tailored travel option for major events throughout the year. The airline’s first destination will be Coachella Valley, CA where nearly 6,000 creators are expected to visit this year. Willa Air will provide door-to-door service from Los Angeles to Indio, California, for a weekend of fun. Arrive on time, in style, and hassle free (just like your money does when you use Willa to get paid for brand collabs.)

Because we always go big, so this is no exception

When you start with a dream to pay every creator instantly for their work, every time, and then you actually achieve that dream, it starts to feel like the sky’s the limit (see what we did there?) Passengers will receive additional services at the departure lounge (located in The Bank, Willa’s creator space in Venice Beach) including pre-party amenities such as a champagne breakfast and black car transportation, and post-event recovery including IV Drips and massages to decompress.

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