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7 Things You Didn't Know About Cold Emailing

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Cold emailing to brands may sound intimidating at first, but being informed on them can help you garner higher success as well as giving you something to benchmark your results against. Not to mention, you may be surprised by just how beneficial cold emailing can be!

An average cold email response rate is between 1-5%

According to Gmass, simply adding in a person’s name & company can nearly double your response rate. Knowing a baseline for this can help you determine the level of outreach you should aim for before adjusting based on your own data. The good news is this is just an average!

33% of responses come from email 5-8

The value of follow-up emails is undeniable! When it comes to influencer marketing in particular, most brands use creators for campaigns rather than having a program that is always running. Follow-up emails are additionally valuable as they increase the chance that your pitch lands in someone's email at the right time.

Shorter subject lines have better open rates

While a catchy subject line is great, make sure to keep it short and sweet! found that just 4 words had an 18% open rate while that rate fell with each additional word added. Looking to drive better open rates with your subject lines? Trying using a free tool like this one to analyze your intended subject line before sending!

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You should send your email during off-hours

The best time to send an email pitch? Before 6am and after 8pm when everyone else has left the office for the highest open rates. Not too surprising knowing that 55% of people check their email before work.

92% of Decision Makers Pay Attention to Unsolicited Emails

Wondering if cold outreach is going to work? Given the number of decision-makers paying attention to those unsolicited emails, we’re willing to bet it will. Nobody wants to miss out on a good opportunity, not to mention finding the right creators for their brand is a struggle for marketers. Your pitch just might make their day easier!

78% of Decision Makers Say Unsolicited Email Leads to A Meeting Or Next Step

A great cold email could be the only thing standing between you and the partnership of your dreams! It can be nerve-wracking but the opportunities most often go to those who are seeking them out first.

86% of professionals give priority to email connection.

While you may think a simple DM is the way to go for getting in contact with a brand, most people prefer email when connecting for business. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to search your email inbox than your DMs. Opt for finding email contacts via and RocketReach with DMs as a last resort.