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Access Insider Information with Willa’s New Deal Feed

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You know we always have your back—from our collections team ensuring you get paid, even with the flakiest clients 👀, to creating the Willa Debit Card just for creators—but our latest app update is seriously taking things to the next level…

At Willa, we don’t subscribe to gatekeeping, which is why we launched the Deal Feed. This feature lets users see the behind-the-scenes of brand deals done through the app. You’ll see which companies recently paid other users—the users are kept anonymous—for collaborations and projects, and the price range of the deals.

This is major. Not only does this show which brands are active on Willa and which ones might still be looking for more creators to collaborate with, but it also gives an estimate of their budgets. This information is helpful when setting your own pricing and negotiating higher rates with prospective clients. As if this wasn’t sweet enough, we’re providing users with access to the contact emails of the brands, so they can reach out directly and pitch themselves for future work. There’s a current cap of 15 deal “reveals” per day, but that’s honestly plenty if you’re reaching out to each brand.

Sounds pretty good, huh? The only barrier to accessing this super insider info is being a Willa user…so in the spirit of spreading thanks and love, tell your friends to sign up ASAP, to get in on the deets.